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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Youth for a United World


We are young people representing different races and nationalities. We are part of the youth sector of the Focolare Movement founded by Chiara Lubich and we too have chosen to make the Gospel our lifestyle.
We belong to mainstream Churches, but also to other religions or cultures which do not embrace a religious creed. The desire to build universal brotherhood is the link which binds us together.

We believe it is possible to build a better world, one with greater solidarity, and to create one human family where the identity of each person is respected. We use every available means to foster unity, to heal the existing disunities in this worldwide family: among generations; between groups and movements; among Christians of varied denominations; between believers of different religions. We want to tear down the barriers that divide ethnic groups, races, peoples, cultures, social classes, people of different convictions and persuasions.

To this end, we promote activities and projects on a local and worldwide scale. Oftentimes, we provide immediate aid to individuals in need or to the victims of war and natural disasters, collaborating also on an international level.

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