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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Download "Angel - Tres"

Download Here

Is it wrong to feel the way I do?
Will I go on with this feeling that I have?
Couldn't be sure,
If you'll open up your heart for me
If baby I would say...

That I love you my Angel
For you're the one who makes me dream
Who fills my heart with everything?
So I need you my Angel
Will I ever hold your hand?
And whisper what I truly feel for you.

How will I start to tell you
This feeling make me weak
Will I keep this love forever
Ignore my love for you
Couldn't be sure
If you'll open up your heart for me
If baby I would say

Download Here


akash said...

Download Angel Tres, I would like to download this song but now i am unable to download this song. that website is not working properly or saying to me that "this page not found".

michlabor said...

I'm sorry. its maybe because i haven't maintained that link anymore .. but luckily i believe i still have my own copy here in my external HD ... you could send me your email if you want to ... i'll just send you a copy myself ..