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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet your Spicy Side! Slim Jim Online Game

Ever been dreaming to show the world the Spicy Side within you? Have you imagined yourself crowned as the greatest prankster on earth? And are you already tired dreaming of these things?

Well guess what ... Slim Jim will make this imagination POSSIBLE for you.

In www.spicyside.com , Slim Jim has produced the perfect online game for you to release the Spicy Side within you. It allows you to create your personalized Spicy avatar by simply uploading a mug shot of yourself using their face up loader tool. After such, you can directly enter the cool world of Spicy Town and explore the wonders of destruction. Keep in mind that this is a multiplayer based on line game which allows you to RUMBLE with other on line players, ADD friends in your buddy list, and you could even TALK SPICE using an interactive chat functionality. You will also be inspired to release your Spicy Side with a ground breaking ambient music. Truly this game is loaded with rumble and destruction. Everything you dream t of is here and Slim Jim has created it especially for you.

To start creating your Spicy Side ... visit this link ...


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